Save the Environment

Save the Environment We must always work together to reduce pollution such as air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollution so that the next generation can live a happy and healthy life. As the saying goes precaution is better than cure so we must all hands on together to save our environment of God’s creation. […]


The martial arts of Varma Kalai, Kuttu Varisai, Silambam, Malyutham, and Adithada have been in existence for thousands of years. However, the martial arts of the Tamils are slowly vanishing. lets all share this with everyone interested to make sure this beautiful art doesn’t vanish over the course of time. We wish this social issue […]

Tips to choose a house in a locality best suited to you

Existing Infrastructures Connectivity with your workplace:Among the locations that you have selected, ascertain each one’s connectivity to your work place– while one location may be far off from your workplace, the other location may be closer to the office. Ease of commute:Besides the distance from your workplace, ease of commuting between the location and your workplace, […]


He gazed at her, she was looking at the horizon. Then she started walking towards the ocean, he traced her steps. She sang a melancholy tune to match with the harmony of the waves. He ran, closing behind her but he felt like he could never reach her. Suddenly, the ocean rumbled, waves turned uptight, […]


Always self motivation is the best. Demotivation occurs due to the change in the state of people and society. Ofcourse , it’s not an easy to stay motivated all the time. But once you start seeing the positive things around you and avoid the negative vibes, you can stay motivated. Nothing is impossible. When demotivation […]

How to submit blogpost?

Hello everyone from Fofo community, This is the example blogpost to guide how to submit blog post on our community. You can share your thoughts, stories and it will be under review. @fofo will approve the blog post. Please find below the tutorial, to add blogpost on our community.  All the blog posts will published […]

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