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      2 weeks, 3 days ago

      Hello 👋
      Came across this picture which was taken on 12th of June when I went on a trip with my boys to Wayanad. We found this place in the street alongside Pookode Lake.
      Took a picture of the gate and was highly curious to know where it led way to! We dont come across Gurukulams these days as places are modernised. Gurukulams are ancient educational institutions, where mostly Art and Vedas are taught and practiced.
      “Narayana Gurukulam” was built by One of the disciples of Guru Nataraja, John Leshore. This place was once a knowledge hub for many students all over India and abroad. John also known
      by the name “Swami Asharyashcharya” and his disciples were teaching art and Advaita Vedanta in
      the Gurukula. In addition, it had an excellent art gallery and a meditation hall. Once this was a knowledge hub for so many students from India and abroad for a long time John
      was also known as Swami asharyashcharya and his disciples used this place for teaching art and
      Advaita Vedanta. Also, it was having a world-class art gallery and meditation hall as well.
      It is really essential to preserve such kind of places without disturbing their natural behaviour and one such place which isn’t touched is Narayana Gurukulam which stands near the Pookode lake. (15kms from Kalpetta, Wayanad).

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