Always self motivation is the best.

Demotivation occurs due to the change in the state of people and society. Ofcourse , it’s not an easy to stay motivated all the time. But once you start seeing the positive things around you and avoid the negative vibes, you can stay motivated. Nothing is impossible.

When demotivation occurs?
It occurs when

1)We have a heavy workloads.
2)We have a lack of concentration in our work.
3)When we are lonely in our life.
4)When our family situation is not right and some times when we face criticisms.

What happens if we are demotivated?

1)It leads to physical health problems.
2)Affect our mental health by creating stress.
3)At times, some of your favourite things will turned into boring one.

How to stay motivated?

*Dont think much about the future- Create a clear goal.
*Don’t think much about any bad experience in the past- Look for better future.
*Don’t allow anyone to discourage you- Surround yourself with positive people.
*Don’t make things complicated- Be simple.
*Don’t wait for someone to appreciate your own work –Appreciate yourself.
*Don’t fear about the victory else put all your efforts – Victory will be yours

Let us see about the motivational story of “ABRAHAM LINCOLN
Lincoln was born in very poor family but later he became the president of United States. He faced many struggles in his life. He went to school only for 18 months, then he studied on his own.

           >>>It’s quite interesting right!!<<<

Yes, He faced so many failures. But he never gave up. After that he studied on his own and became a Lawyer. Then, he was elected as a President of US.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “I am a slow walker, but I never walk back”.
Don’t look at the back, step forward.,,,,





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