FAQ’s on Home Loans….

Can I claim tax benefits for loans from family members? Tax benefits on interest payment under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, are available to the borrower if he takes a loan from personal channels –friends, family, etc. The borrower must, however, note that they cannot claim deductions under Section 80C on repayment of […]

FAQ’s on Home Loans…..

How much home loan can I get on the property value? There could be cases where banks would offer you 90% of the property cost, as loan. However, there is no blanket rule about this. The lender would check a variety of factors, including your repayment eligibility, before they agree to grant you that kind […]

Tips to choose a house in a locality best suited to you

Existing Infrastructures Connectivity with your workplace:Among the locations that you have selected, ascertain each one’s connectivity to your work place– while one location may be far off from your workplace, the other location may be closer to the office. Ease of commute:Besides the distance from your workplace, ease of commuting between the location and your workplace, […]

Benefits that women home buyers enjoy……

Lower stamp duty for women Most Indian states charge a lower stamp duty (stamp duty-The charge that the buyer has to pay, in order to get the property registered in the government’s records). Home loan interest rates for women A majority of home buyers in India rely on housing finance, to buy properties. Women, however, […]


Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) also popularly known as the IT corridor of Chennai hosts numerous tech and business parks along it’s way. The never ending stretch, more than 45 km long, initiates from Taramani and terminates at Karanai Apart from the IT factor, the long corridor is also a preferred destination due to its well […]

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