FAQ’s on Home Loans….

Can I claim tax benefits for loans from family members? Tax benefits on interest payment under Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, are available to the borrower if he takes a loan from personal channels –friends, family, etc. The borrower must, however, note that they cannot claim deductions under Section 80C on repayment of […]

FAQ’s on Home Loans…..

How much home loan can I get on the property value? There could be cases where banks would offer you 90% of the property cost, as loan. However, there is no blanket rule about this. The lender would check a variety of factors, including your repayment eligibility, before they agree to grant you that kind […]

How to submit blogpost?

Hello everyone from Fofo community, This is the example blogpost to guide how to submit blog post on our community. You can share your thoughts, stories and it will be under review. @fofo will approve the blog post. Please find below the tutorial, to add blogpost on our community.  All the blog posts will published […]

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